IT and Engineering


Creating perfect orchards by using GPS





The creation of orchards is a precision work. In order to do precision farming, certain requirements should be met:

  • All trees need to be alligne
  • Poles have to be placed at very specific positions.
  • Rows should be straight and parallel.
  • Intermediate free space should be added to avoid too long treerows without escape routes



So in joint effort with PVH Projects, we created 2 drills to mount on a tractor to automate this task:

  • trees at constant distance
  • poles between every x number of trees, and at a small distance from the end
  • insert free space to allow driving out of the orchard in the middle of the field
  • 2cm accuracy
  • autonomous steering
  • partial continuous driving (not so deep tree-holes)
  • autonomous stopping/starting (for drilling deep pole-holes)



Enjoy the video of the result in action